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Don Bowman

Authorized Membership Recruiter for the National Rifle Association



    Membership Recruiter - Don Bowman

    Become an NRA member and receive the following items & discount benifits !

    ​ Official Black & Gold NRA Hat or a Green & Gray Camouflage Hat !

    ​ Your Choice of NRA Magazine subscription and Junior Members over 15:

    ‘American Rifleman’ - ‘American Hunter’ - 'Shooting Illustrated'

    ‘America's First Freedom’ and ‘In Sight’ (On-Line) for Junior Members !


    ​​ Patriot Mobil Cellular and Life,Emergency,Medical & Travel Insurance !

    ​ Discounts on Blaze TV & HuntWise Pro., NRA Store & More !

    NRA Travel Center, NRA Wine Club, & Black Rifle Coffee Club !


    Legislative Updates and Membership Card & Decal !

    You may sign up on-line on the sign up page or check our 'schedule' and stop by to talk to us about your interest in the NRA.  You can sign up on the spot and receive your free hat and other goodies immediately.  I can also answer many of your questions at that time.

    New Member or Membership Renewal Only $35.00 per year. (Save $10.00!). Regular $45.00



    Three Year Membership - $85.00.  Regular $100.00

    Five Year Membership - $125.00. Regular $150.00



    Standard Lifetime - $1,000.00  Regular $1500.00

    Junior - $500.00. Regular $750.00

    Distinguished, Age 65+ - 500.00.  Regular $750.00

    EASY PAY - $25.00 Down, $25.00 every three months.

    You'll Receive these Extra Benefits with your Membership!

    As you know being an NRA member not only protects your gun rights, it also protects your constitutional rights. Do you know that by signing up your spouse as a Associate Member for only $10 you can double your family's NRA covered insurances as well as increase NRA membership ! Also, are you aware that signing up your 18 year old and younger son or daughter as a Junior Member for only $15 is a very important step towards gun safety ! Consider signing up your entire family in the NRA. These memberships are also available to your relatives and friends. Sign up as many people as you can !

    Every member counts !

           You will have access to a world of information about the constitution and your legal rights as a citizen of this Great Country of ours..  The NRA has 160 departments that can help you with any questions or problems that you may have.


    Don Bowman is an authorized membership recruiter for the National Rifle Association. is not an official web-site of the National Rifle Association but by signing up on the sign up page you'll be re-directed to the NRA web site to complete your membership.


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