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DON BOWMAN    #XP031379

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Official NRA Magazine

Subscription of your choice

Original NRA Magazine which deals with Fire-arms and ammunition

Published especially for our hunting members

One of our newer magazines to help inform our members or legislative issues throughout the world.

"Shooting Illustrated" covers self defense firearms, gear, training, and tactics. Includes articles from top experts from military units, law enforcement, and gunsmiths

Official NRA Emblem

Official NRA Shooters Hat

Published on-line for our Junior members to help direct them on the road to gun safety. It also informs the reader about hunting. Junior Rifle Clubs, Competitions, and scholarships. Junior members over 15 may choose any magazine from the NRA.

Official NRA Membership Card

Plus many other benefits listed on the Home Page!

Official NRA VISA Card

(for qualified individuals)

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